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Every day until Halloween, I’m going to keep shelling out the worst “sexy” Halloween costumes on shelves this holiday season. Up next:


To Wikipedia, Native Americans are “indigenous peoples from North America [that] comprise a large number of distinct tribes, states, and ethnic groups, many of which survive as intact political communities.” To the Halloween industry, Native Americans are super sexy! (As long as we’re talking about large-breasted, thin white women dressing up as Native Americans, and not real Native Americans).

CostumeSupercenter.com devotes an entire category of sexy costume to “Indians.” Above we have the “Tribal Tease Adult Costume”—-already out-of-stock! Luckily, accompanying costume accessory “Black Sqaw Wig Adult” is still available. Did you know that “squaw” is a term widely considered demeaning to Native American women? Buy yours today.

We also have the “Woman’s Sexy Pocahottie” Costume”:

In case “Pocahottie” wasn’t enough to convince you that this is a sexually arousing take on a historically persecuted indigenous group, the “Sexy” qualifier is there to hammer the racist eroticism into the ground. Next up, the “Indian Babe Adult Costume”:

Is that a belly ring I see in there? Hot! Up next is my personal favorite: the “Adult Sexy Indian Dream Catcher Costume.”

It comes with a vagina flap! And finally, we have the “Adult 2 Piece Sassy Native American Costume”:

Ouch: “Sassy.” What makes this Native American “sassy” instead of “sexy”? Is it the stiletto boots? No, Sexy Pocahottie is wearing those, too. Is it the hands-on-hips pose? Nope, Indian Babe has got it going on as well. Could it be that a company marketing sexualized tribal costumes to white women couldn’t help but slip in a racially charged term? I’m betting yes!

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