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Last week on the Sexist, an awesome holiday for children was ruined by a costume involving a “shlonguini,” people came up with a lot of excuses not to just say “rape,” and an underground sex club suffered an anonymous tragedy:

1. The 10 Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes, in which women dress sexy and men dress like a penis joke.

2. Verbal Assault: The Abuse and Debasement of “Rape”, in which it doesn’t get worse than “rape-rape.”

3. Death at Logan Circle “Men’s Parties” Apartment, in which a sex club meeting leaves one dead.

4. Common Roman Polanski Defenses, Refuted, in which no movie is that good.

5. “Men’s Party” Sex Club Victim May Have Broken Neck, in which there are “snacks.”

Photo byHa! Designs