On Wednesday, the District of Columbia filed suit to shut down “Men’s Parties,” the underground male sex club operating at 1618 14th Street NW. The lawsuit’s three defendants—-David J. Butler, 1618 14th Street LLC, and the D.C. Wrestling Club—-face charges of “opperation of a business without a basic business license” and “use of premises for business without appropriate certificate of occupancy.”

The initial documents in the case offer a glimpse into the club’s secretive activities, as well as additional information concerning the fatal accident that occurred inside the club on the morning of October 4th.

According to court documents, D.C. police responded to the report of “an unconscious person at the address” at 5:18 a.m. Detective Thomas Smith, a former Prostitution Enforcement Unit cop, was called to the scene to investigate a potential homicide. During the course of the investigation, Smith met Butler, “who identified himself as the President of a private club, doing business as the D.C. Wrestling Club.”

Butler told Smith that he hosts parties where “men come into the premises, make a donation, and socialize.” By the time Smith entered the property, Butler was accompanied by “more than twenty patrons and staff.” Three other staff members identified themselves to Smith, according to documents: Jerome Goodman, Juan Adams, and Ralph ‘Jay’ Rushing.

According to Smith’s affidavit, the activities of the club were obvious: “Strewn throughout the entire location are used condoms, empty condom wrappers, paper towels, cloth towels and other indicia of frequent, non-discrete sexual behavior.” What, no snacks?

The affidavit offered a full inventory of the club’s amenities:

First Floor: “A lounge area immediately inside the front entrance” which includes “two sets of lockers” and couches. Also on the first floor, “separated by curtains, are three wooden stalls containg ‘glory holes’ used for sexual activity” The floor also contains a “powder room and a linen closet.”

Second Floor:
An additional “lounge area with several counches and a mounted television set” sits on the club’s top floor. The second floor also yields a “kitchenette and full bathroom.” Behind the lounge are “sexually-oriented materials” including a “sex swing, large wooden cross that permits an individual to be bound to the structure, and a bench.” The second floor also includes a bedroom “reportedly belonging to Ralph ‘Jay’ Rushing,” and another bench.

Basement: Two sets of stairs lead to this floor (the accident victim was found at the foot of one staircase). In the basement are”thirteen bed spaces separated by built-in wooden partitions and dark curtains,” each containing a “mattress and trash can.”