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Every day in October, I’m been rollin’ out the worst “sexy” Halloween costumes on the market this year. Now that we’re two-thirds of our way to the big 31, the world’s most offensive sexualized costumes have gained a few defenders. And they will be damned if I continue to insult their racist, sexist, and sizist pastimes! Let’s hear what they have to say:

On the “Sexy Indian” costume:

Cara is concerned that pointing out racism may ruin Halloween for everyone (but particularly people who sell racist costumes!):

PLEASE! It’s halloween! Get over it! No one is trying to offend anyone, they are trying to sell costumes. Let it go and quit trying to bring down everyones holiday by disecting every stupid name and costume. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it.

On the “Sexy Anorexia” costume:

Cara is back to say that sexy costumes aren’t even sexy—-and also that you are all jealous of just how sexy they are:

I don’t really know what all the fuss is about. As much as I understand the Anna-rexia costume being absurd and wrong, you can’t judge these costumes as being slutty until you try them on. The costumes that the models are wearing are always made tighter, or shorter so they look ‘better’ in the photograph.

It sounds like someone is a little jealous. If you have a problem with the way these costumes look, why don’t you make something for yourself. Like a Moo Moo?

Even he “Sexy Fat Arab” costume has its defenders!

OverIt believes that the get-up serves a valuable public health function:

Perhaps if more people laughed at the morbidly obese, the United States wouldn’t be in the disgustingly fat shape it is now.

Cara, tireless defender of offensive holiday sexiness, insists that people don’t wear racist costumes to be racist—-they wear them to be funny!

I honestly think you blow things way out of proportion. I truly doubt the ‘racist’ guy is going to wear this. You are way over thinking all of these costumes.

Why would someone wear it? Because it looks funny, a guy in a fat suit.

I have seen frat guys wear costumes like this, and they do it to make there friends laugh, not to show their racist colors and bring down society. Why don’t you just live in a cave and never come out. Speaking of which, what are you going to be for Halloween? A skeloten is ’slutty’ and ‘anorexic.’ An indian (what my 5 year old niece wants to be, I guess shes racist). Would a ghost be disrespectful to the spirit world? How about a witch, or would we offend old people who live alone? How about a fruit, would that hurt the gays?

I mean, this is getting a little ridiculous.