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Return to Sender: A press release for Stephanie Rockey‘s new relationship book, Ladies Listen Up!, which aims to explain why today’s women are such unhappy failures.

Reasoning: The presser’s internal inconsistencies do little to recommend Rockey’s advice.

Exhibit A: Asking women an exhaustive 400 questions about their ideal love lives appears to have been little more than a convenient mechanism for accusing them of being “too picky.” “After asking hundreds of women 388 tailored questions to find out the precise reason why they were unlucky in love, relationship expert Stephanie Rockey, founder of the Washington D.C. based True Life Partners, found one common denominator among them all—each woman’s ‘perfect man’ perception was a far cry from reality.”

Exhibit B: Since a “perfect man,” a “perfect relationship,” and a “perfect life” are, by definition, not attainable in reality, this revelation is hardly a bold statement. “‘Someone has to say it—-women live in a fantasy world,’ says Rockey. ‘Women create in their heads the perfect scenario of how they want their life to be—-perfect man, perfect relationship, perfect life. Women set themselves up for failure from minute one. No man lives up to these expectations, and in turn, women aren’t happy with their men or their lives.'”

I Rest My Case: In order to ensure that reviews of the book wouldn’t be held up to a woman’s unattainable ideal of literary perfection, this press release appears to have targeted those reporters who aren’t currently “living in a fantasy world.” The e-mail release was originally addressed directly to the City Paper‘s food writer, Tim Carman, who admits that he’s “never given the perfect man much thought.”