Last week on the Sexist, Rihanna came back but stayed silent on domestic violence. The Freakonomics guys can come back once they’ve tried out prostituting themselves for a living. And we wish “No Homo” would just go away:

1. Why Is Rihanna Expected to Be a Feminist Icon?, or, according to commenter Genesis, “FEMINIST ICON MY ASS.”

2. Sexist Beatdown: The Happy Hooker, Or Why Doesn’t Steven Levitt Suck Dick for a Living?, in which we predict the next installment in Freakonomics: “WHY AREN’T LEVITT AND DUBNER JOINTLY FELLATING YOU RIGHT NOW: A FREAKONOMIC ANALYSIS.”

3. How Censoring “No Homo” Will Help Hip-Hop: by making everything a lot more gay.

4. D.C. Has Lowest Marriage Rate in Country, Largest Percentage of Same-Sex Couples, in which a quaint little post on the virtues of same-sex marriage inspired accusations of D.C. apartheid.

5. In Defense of D.C.’s Domestic Partnerships, in which same-sex marriage is great, but marriage still kinda sucks.

Photo by Powerhouse Museum Collection