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This week on the Sexist, we heard about a bunch of bumbling frat boys who didn’t want their student newspaper to talk about date rape. We made up for it by talking about date rape a bunch!

1. Fraternity Accused of Stealing 10,000 Newspapers to Cover Up Date Rape Story, in which the enormous pile of drugging victim testimony ate their homework.
2. Writer to Rape Victims: Sometimes, It’s “Too Late to Say No”, in which it’s not! Ever!

3. On the Difficulty of “Saying No”, in which, all the same: “yes” ought to be the standard, really.

4. Drunk Girls Deserve to Get Raped, in which Internet trolls respond to a gang-rape by blaming the victim.

5. Ashley Madison’s Conservative Values, in which a cheating Web site denounced by moral conservatives profits off their traditional values.

Photo via the Library of Congress