“What do the ‘N’ word, the ‘W’ word and the ‘F’ word have in common?” asks Tim Bloedow of NoApologies.ca, a Web site dedicated to “punching a hole in political correctness.” According to Bloedow, refusing to use these racial, sexist, and homophobic slurs (the ‘F’ word isn’t fuck here) displays a “complete disregard for using God’s name in vain.”

Bloedow explains why refusing to invoke the “N” word, the “W” word, and the “F” word is insulting to the almighty. (Note: I won’t use those words here, because I’m an atheist, but be warned: Bloedow is a man of God, so he gleefully invokes the three slurs throughout the video):

“The Third Commandment says don’t take the name of a larger God in vain,” he says. “As Christians, we see the Lord’s name taken in vain everywhere—-on the TV, in movies, in the news, in just about every area of life, as we walk down the street, among our colleagues. Constantly God’s name—-‘God,’ ‘Jesus Christ,’ are used as cuss words and nobody seems to blink an eye. Yet I’ve been very frustrated in the last couple of weeks as I’ve observed the self-censorship in our media over other areas of sensibility.”

To recap: White dude in a sweater and a mustache who records himself announcing racial slurs over the Internet? The work of God. Saying “Oh my God, that Tim Bloedow dude appears to be a huge racist”? Sacrilege.