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This edition of the Most Popular Blog Posts is dedicated to this week’s most popular search term:

Welcome, everyone looking for perfect vaginas! You will not find them here! Instead,we’re mostly going to be discussing rapists and Avril Lavigne. Are you excited or what?

1. Woman’s Vagina Falls Out, Replaces It With “Perfect 13-Year-Old Vagina”, in which a series of medical accidents results in one big on-purpose horror: A virginal pre-teen’s vagina on a middle-aged woman’s body!

2. What Maketh a Bro? In which, to some, Phish is the ultimate chay, while to others, only LAX is truly flow.

3. Legal Consent, Morning-After Regret, and “Accidental” Rape, in which I break a personal rule and make an analogy to sexual assault.

4. Rapists Who Don’t Think They’re Rapists, in which

5. Sexist Beatdown: Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Jolene, and Music’s Other “Other Women”, in which everything Taylor Swift says bounces off that bitch who is dating the boy she likes, and sticks to her.