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Gawker points us to this absurd, Michael Bay-directed Victoria’s Secret commercial, which combines a butt rock soundtrack, edgy desert vistas, motorcycles, cars, knife-throwing, a helicopter, explosions, unexplained circus performers, a jet, half-naked sexy ladies, and wind machines. In other words, it appears to be targeted at women.

This ad is the very essence of a Michael Bay movie distilled down to one-and-a-half minutes. Except this time, Bay is attempting to use women’s bodies to sell a product (women’s underwear) exclusively consumed by women. Oops, nope—-he’s just straight-up selling women’s bodies again!

If the helicopter circling over the naked chick didn’t tip you off, perhaps the tag-line will:

“One Gift: A Thousand Fantasies.”

So: This ad is targeted at the man who is interested in buying a woman something for himself this holiday season. Who knew Michael Bay could be so complicated?