Last week, commenters defended boob embroidery, contributed to the campus rape “myth”, and  thought of the children. But the comment of the week has to go to Twitter user @KabbalahOregon, a Twitter account devoted to “Keeping It Real and Supporting Those That Keep It REAL! NO FAKES ALLOWED:)” Those That Keep It Real took issue with my recent commentary on Lilith Fair:

I’m told that “SARAH MCLACHLAN CAN DANCE CIRLCES AROUNF YOUR UGLY ASS” is Kabbalah for “You have hereby failed to keep it sufficiently real.” I’m also pretty sure that “ANOOYING PIECE OF SHIT” is Canadian for “annoying piece of shit.” Kabbalah.

The comment inspired me to Google investigate Sararh McLachlan’s ties to Kabbalah, which, if they exist, appear to be secretive and underground. Publicly, McLachlan is still considered a “Catholic-influenced environmentalist feminist animal rights activist human rights activist humanist,” of course. BONUS Sarah McLachlan Jesus video:


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