Last week, just in time for the holidays, Mount Vernon Square resident Si Kailian stumbled upon an odd Christmas miracle: Free used dildo pile! In a post on Dec. 23, she wrote:

If anyone is walking by 6th & M NW please watch your step. someone dumped a pile of huge dildos on the corner and i ran over them with my bike! people are tripping on em… i called 311 and asked them to expedite removal of the dildo hazard.

The dildos—-I count three—-were discarded in a pile of cigarette cartons, empty bottles, and—-is that a condom? Kailian, who emerged from the bike-dildo incident “unscathed,” says she has an origin theory for the dildo pile. “The girls usually stroll 4th & L but they have been coming over to 6th & K,” she wrote in an e-mail. “M is only [a] couple blocks away.”

Photos courtesy of Si Kailian