Yesterday, Roman Polanski champion Bernard-Henri Lévy published a letter from the director on the Huffington Post. You can read the whole thing here, but it’s basically an “I’d-like-to-thank-the-Academy” type of note handing out props to everyone who has lent support to the convicted rapist on his zany ride from prison to ski chalet.

As for Lévy, he’s carved out his little rape apology corner on HuffPo since Polanski’s September arrest. In his latest missive, Lévy attributes the success of his position to “the generous access provided by Arianna Huffington and her staff.” Later, Lévy calls the Huffington Post “Arianna’s journal in the United States.”

Sorry to burst your French intellectual bubble, Lévy, but the Huffington Post is no finely-curated journal, access ain’t hard to come by, and your rambling rape apology posts don’t qualify as scholarship. Face it: You’re spreading your screeds on a blog, just like every thirteen-year-old with a LiveJournal password. And this particular blog? It will publish just about anything. Like this:

Oooor this:

Or, here’s an appropriate selection:

But I could see how Lévy could have become confused. After all, his own French intellectual journal has lately devoted the majority of its online ink to defending Polanski ad nauseam. Currently, the top three stories on La Règle du Jeu are pro-Polanski essays. It’s not exactly a culture of relevant intellectual debate, over there.

In his letter to his supporters, Polanski implores Lévy to share his message with the world. “I would like to be able to answer all of [my letters]. But it is impossible: there are too many,” Polanski wrote. “Do you have any suggestions as to how I could reply? Perhaps in your journal, La Règle du jeu, which has supported me from the very first day? Perhaps you could disseminate these few words I’m sending you? I don’t know. I’ll leave it up to you.”

And the answer came from on high: Yes, Roman Polanski, you can dump all of your insights onto the Internet, along with everybody else. We’ve got a little bit of room between a Stephanie Pratt boob shot (no nipple) andAlec Baldwin’s own men’s-rights fan mail. You’re going to fit right in.

Bernard-Henri Lévy seems to think he’s writing scholarship. Actually, “Arianna’s journal” has made way for Lévy for the same reason it’s dedicated space to nipple slips, high-res photos of celebrity wrinkles, and Alec Baldwin’s ramblings: Celebrity tabloid fodder gets clicks.