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The cataloging of sexual euphemisms in rap songs continues. This time:

EUPHEMISM: “Bedrock.”


DEFINING MOMENT: Young Money’s “BedRock,” in which Lloyd announces, “Call me Mr. Flinstone, I can make your bed rock.” (Thanks to Heartless Doll for the tip).

LITERALLY: “Bedrock” has several classic associations. According to Wikipedia, bedrock is the stratigraphic term for “the native consolidated rock underlying the surface of a terrestrial planet, usually the Earth.” Bedrock, when employed as a proper noun, is also home to animated prehistoric family The Flinstones. It is this definition which the Young Money lyrics favor.

UNDERLYING MEANING: Has there ever been a weaker sexual euphemism? According to Urban Dictionary, the phenomenon of bedrock—-the sexy kind—-occurs “when two are enjoying intercourse & the man shakes the bed.” Obviously. “Bedrock” is mostly pun at this point, but if Young Money’s track takes off, we may see this term come into its own as a bonafide euphemism. On the other hand, for a song filled with references like “Call me Red Bull / we can fly away” and “I be stuck to her / Like glue, baby,” I’m not betting on this track’s lyrical stylings enduring.