jerk off enthusiasts sex club
jerk off enthusiasts sex club

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A recently closed “massage parlor,” Orange Spa

Yesterday, D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles sent out a press release announcing the recent closure of several District “massage parlors,” “health spas,” and “wrestling clubs” operating as a front for prostitution (or other illegal activities). “[A]s part of a city-wide crackdown on prostitution and other unlawful sexually-oriented activities, the District has shut down illegal establishments posing as health spas, massage establishments, social clubs or residential brothels,” the release reads.

Sounds like it’s about time to check back in with the guys over at the USASexGuide forums, our favorite community of dedicated prostitution enthusiasts. D.C.’s “mongers” eulogize these fallen houses of ill-repute, after the jump.

* Orange Spa, 617 Pennsylvania Ave. SE

Orange Spa’s closing truly affected one former customer:

Visited Orange yesterday to find a sign posted on the door reading “Orange Spa Closed For Business”

Unfortunately this was after I pumped $2 into the parking machine. I will miss Chae.

* Star Spa, 1829 M St. NW
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A Star Spa regular is “pretty much hurt” by its closure:

I recently dropped by star spa were I went at once every month or two week period and it was closed. I was pretty much hurt because it was the only place I knew. Did they relocate? But I need to be taught the other places so I can know if the expreince I had there is on or sub par.

Another customer explains what the Star experience was like:

Got to the location at about 11:30am. I started up on the 3rd floor, greeted by a round woman in her 40s who led me to the room. I asked for a lineup, not expecting one, but hoping that at least she would get the hint that I didn’t want her. She pleasantly says ‘one minute’ and leaves. A few minutes later another 40+ woman comes in – better figure, but still 40+. I again ask for lineup, and she says only 2 girls working right now because of football (??!), maybe around 5pm there will be more. I say OK, maybe I’ll come back later.

I go down to 2nd floor (Star Spa?), hoping it will be better. Mamasan takes me to back, I ask for lineup, and in comes Angie. She’s pretty stocky, flat tummy but wide hips and saggy breasts, about 35 years old, and not so pretty. But at this point I don’t feel like spending the whole day doing the trial-and-error, so I say OK.

Paying money for sex is so hard.

* VIP Spa, 719 8th Street SE
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You can take the sex workers out of VIP, but you can’t take them out of the inescapable cycle of human trafficking:

Went to VIP and Orange and sadly confirmed the news. Then I went to that same place our colleague went to, also had Ruby or ‘Luby,’ and recognized her from Orange. So, good talent stays in town!

. . . At least a couple of the girls that were last at VIP came from other local AMPs. So the idea that VIP would be a loss is not really an issue. These girls will move on to something else in the area. For some girls, once your in, it’s hard to get out of the Washingtub.

* D.C. Wrestling Club, 1618 14th Street NW

The home of Dupont Circle’s infamous “Men’s Parties” has never been reviewed by the folks at Why? House policy:

No Discussion about Homosexuals, Transvestites, Transsexuals or She-Males: Please do not post any messages anywhere on this site that refers to Homosexuals, Transvestites, Transsexuals or She-Males. This website is about sex between men who were always men and women who were always women. Any person violating this policy will banned immediately.

D.C. Wrestling Club photo by Darrow Montgomery