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Welcome back from Winter Break, sexually active college students (and old people wondering what those darned kids are up to these days)! The battle for ideological dominance in our nation’s capital’s collegiate sex columns continues. Are our local campus columnists on the forefront of radical sex writing, or are they bringing back the good old days of pretending that sexual orientation is just a “phase.”

This week: When you’re fucking a guy named “Dirty Jersey,” and he doesn’t want to wear a condom; how to stop being friends and start getting laid; is bisexuality the new black?


Sex Tips: in “Is Bisexuality the New Black?”, Aaron Randol surveys Howard University students about this crazy new “trend.” “Is college a catalyst for bisexual behavior? And if so, does this mean bisexuality is nothing more than a trend, the new black?” Randol writes. “The notion that bisexuality in college is just a trend proves controversial for[one bisexual man]; as he, like many others, have had feelings towards both sexes before college.”

Life Lessons: One of Randol’s classmates describes the campus male bisexuality epidemic: “I am positive more guys at Howard than girls are trying bisexuality. Less than 5 percent of the girls that I know of here are trying or have tried it, but I’d say 50 percent of my guy friends have tried. I don’t know if it’s Howard or if it’s how people are leaning in general. But it seems like here, 1 in 3 guys are gay or bisexual. It’s not even weird to hear a guy is gay or bisexual at Howard any more.”

Progressive Meter: After setting up the trendy bisexual straw man argument, Randol is ready to smack down that particular theory. Let’s hear it, Randol! “So is bisexuality the new black, nothing more than a trend, a staple on the public scene?” he concludes: “Maybe not.” Bleh. ZERO.


Sex Tips: Georgetown Hoya dating columnist Colleen Leahey reflects on the Swiftian nature of her romantic life.Taylor Swiftian.”The entire situation was straight out of a silly Taylor Swift song: I had a thing for my best guy friend. While he dated various girls, I put myself in the friend zone, giving him advice and being there when he needed to vent to someone,” she writes. “Secretly, though, I was hoping he would realize that I was the one he truly liked.”

Life Lessons: Refreshingly, Leahey combats this trademark Swiftian passivity by advising unrequited lovers how to step up and do something about it. “So, this new year, if you’re finally ready to admit to your inner desires, then do be more aggressive with your feelings,” she writes. “Go with your impulse; if you think there’s a spark and it’s not one-sided, make a move. . . . Don’t overanalyze or freak your friend out, but you do have to make a slight effort if you want something to actually happen (unless you’re trying to be the next victim of the T. Swift syndrome).”

Progressive Meter: Slight effort! What can I say, I’m a sucker for refusing to fall victim to the T. Swift Syndrome. SEVEN.


Sex Tips: Hatchet sex columnist Layla admits she’s done it without a condom—-with a guy she calls “Dirty Jersey.” “Since [the first night we had sex], despite his protests, I insisted on a condom every time like I knew I should,” Layla writes. But that didn’t last: “Somewhere during the next five or six times we had sex, my resolve dissolved. I went from being adamant about using protection, to making Dirty Jersey pull out to get a condom, to finally staying quiet about it. Part of me hoped that he would catch on to my desire to use a condom, but he never did. To be perfectly honest, it felt amazing without it and it was just as much my fault as it was his.”

Life Lessons: Fuck that guy! “I may be guilty of condom-use abuse in the past, but now, I am most definitely reformed,” Layla writes. “It also helps that I’m not dating Dirty Jersey anymore.”

Progressive Meter: What does strapping on a rubber say about your politics? According to Margaret Talbot‘s “Red Sex, Blue Sex,” teen pregnancy is higher and condom use lower in this country’s red states. So we’ll count this prophylactic flip-flopper as a moderate. Feminist bonus: She ditched a guy who clearly didn’t give a shit about what she wanted in the bedroom. Too bad she softens that with a healthy dose of self-blame.  FIVE.

photo via nerdcoregirl, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0