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Last week on the Sexist, the breast massage happened.

1. “The Breast Massage Will Happen”: Inside the Culture of Sexual Harassment at the Marijuana Policy Project, in which a work e-mail from the boss employs the phrase “bone girl.”

2. Date Rape Anthem: Ke$ha’s “Blah Blah Blah”, in which if you get drunk and shut up, Ke$ha may attempt to gain access to your penis.

3. Touch and Go: How Groping Happens, in which the “Sideboob Handshake” rises again.

4. “Why Would I Want to Touch Your Ass?” When Groping Victims Talk Back, in which groped women respond.

5. The Penis Monologues: A Primer on Republican Genitals, Through the Years, in which MY PENIS IS ANGRY!!!

Photo via the Library of Congress