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As this is not Ted Bundy‘s actual VW Beetle, it will be of no help to potential rape victims.

It’s officially Ludicrous Sexual Assault Prevention Tips day on the Sexist! Next up: How to avoid being raped and murdered by a notorious serial killer—-by shelling out $19.95 to glean some valuable safety lessons from Ted Bundy‘s meticulously preserved 1968 VW Beetle.

Today, I received my media invitation to the “First-Ever Public Unveiling of Ted Bundy’s Deadly VW Beetle.” The gruesome car show will occur at D.C.’s National Museum of Crime and Punishment next Wednesday. Special extra for the ladies: Bundy’s car is being converted into an invaluable “teaching tool” that can help you not get raped and/or murdered. From the NMCP’s press release:

With last week’s move of the John Dillinger 1933 Essex Teraplane getaway car to the Southwest terminal at BWI Airport, the National Museum of Crime and Punishment (NMCP) is welcoming a new vehicle to its main lobby floor.  The media is invited to the first public opportunity to view the car of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy’s 1968 VW Beetle, the automobile used in a slurry of women’s murders from 1974-1977.  The car, purchased by a collector and stored in a private collection until its arrival at NMCP, will serve not only as a unique artifact but also as a teaching tool for museum visitors to learn how to avoid becoming victims of vicious criminals such as Bundy.

Come to satisfy your macabre fascination with a notorious rapist; stay for the public safety tips.

Photo via Ivan Cabrera, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0