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Hard at work inventing the rape-preventing rocket boot.

Last week on the Sexist,we learned that since both climbing stairs and riding in elevators put women at a high risk of sexual assault, the only way for us women to ascend beyond the ground floor is to invent some sort of rocket boot. Think about it!

1. The Worst Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Ever, in which wearing rocket boots is truly the only reliable mechanism for avoiding rape. That is, until the rapists invent their own  rocket boots. Then we’re shit out of luck.

2. The Breast Massage Will Happen, in which your boss uses phrases like “bone-girl” in your work e-mails.

3. Why Do So Many Men Die as a Result of Domestic Violence?, in which murdering your wife can be deadly.

4. Victim Blaming and Transgender Rape Victims, in which transphobic commenters argue why a trans women simply can’t have been raped.

5. Style Tips From Men’s Rights Activists, in which men’s rights will never truly be achieved as long as dudes are still buying “stylish elevator shoes.”

Photo via the Library of Congress