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Last year, we delved into the world of 7orbetter.com, an online dating network that caters to men with long penises—-and the men and women who love them. Recently, a reader wrote in to ask if there exists any similar service for men with genitals on the opposite end of the ruler. He writes:

Hello Amanda, I recently read your article about this website and wondered if you found any others with the opposite slant.  I think the concept is great in that you do know up front.  As an alternative are there any sites that also advertise size but not focused on the larger variety of men.  I guess what I am getting at is getting the whole “size” question out of the way early so there is no disappointment when things are revealed.  A girl may not want a 7 incher but a 4 incher may also be unacceptable.

I’m not an expert on genitally-themed dating sites myself, so I reached out to my sole contact in the field of penis-length marketing: 7orbetter.com creator Steven Pasternack.

“As far as I know there are no sites devoted to men with a small penis,” he writes. However, Pasternack does foresee some room for his own large penis dating site to expand to smaller sizes in the future. “I had played with the idea of allowing men with all penis sizes on 7orbetter but it sort of detracts from the marketing angle of men with 7″ or better in size,” he writes. “As the site becomes more established I will probably open it up for everyone eventually, but by itself I do not see a very marketable site that is devoted only to men with small penises.”

7orbetter.com’s bias in favor of larger-than-average penises is no secret—-after all, we’re not dealing with “7orlonger.com” here. I imagine that this “marketing angle” attracts two demographics: Discriminating ladies and gentlemen who are solely interested in men with big dicks, and guys who want a forum to brag about the size of their cocks. 7orbetter.com, in other words, is the perfect spot for hooking up shallow penis-seekers and conceited penis-holders. They’re perfect for one another.

A site like, say, “4orsmaller.com” would struggle to tap into such a cosmic dynamic. I’d like to think that some men and women would be attracted to a guy with the self-confidence to stand up in an Internet forum and say, “My penis is smaller than the average penis. Now, on to my various hobbies and personality quirks.” However, I doubt that those same men and women would want to restrict their online dating opportunities to a Web site specifically themed around shorter-than-average-penises. I imagine that men interested in advertising their genitalia on such a site might be better off finding an understanding sex partner the old fashioned way—-real-life trial-and-error.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery