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In response to the commenter who thought that her story perpetuated the “myth” that sexual assault victims are too traumatized to report their assaults promptly to police, Fairfax groping victim Emily Ruskowski wants to clarify that she did report her grope to police promptly after her 1 a.m. assault—-and was told to wait until the next morning to file a report.

After Ruskowski was groped by a stranger in a Falls Church Metro parking garage last September, she attempted to report her grope to police as soon as she could get to safety. In fact, she contacted two differentpolice departments on the night of the attack, but because of strange jurisdictional issues, wasn’t able to file an actual report until the next day. Here’s what happened:

I drove out of the garage, got home, (I didn’t think driving while on the phone and shaking was a good idea) and called the Fairfax and Falls Church Police, who all said to call Metro Police the next day. So I did report it right away, but was told to talk to someone else the next day. Fairfax said I lived outside of their jurisdiction so they wouldn’t send cops to my house to make a statement, and Falls Church said the metro wasn’t their jurisdiction.

She adds: “Just wanted to be able to respond to the commenters who admonished me for not calling the police right away. Take that, commenters!”