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This week on the Sexist, we had some oldies but goodies pop back up (nos. 2 & 3), as well as some modern classics (no. 1):

1. Rape Analogy: The Walking In A Bad Neighborhood Theory, in whichwhen women are othered, everything they do looks suspicious.

2. Legal Consent, Morning-After Regret, and Accidental Rape, in which more rape analogies are considered.

3. Inside a Date Rapist’s Living Hell, in which our friend Aaron P. Taylor, inventor of the “Deserved Raping,”is back! Watch out, ladies! (Seriously).

4. How Stay-At-Home Dads Can Still Keep Women In Their Place, in which women who work outside of the home can get Ideas in their heads.

5. When Rapists Graduate and Victims Drop Out, in which universities who won’t expel rapists can deny victims their right to education.

Photo via Flickr Commons, State Library of New South Wales