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Today marks the first day that the District’s same-sex couples can apply for marriage licenses. I’ll be down at the courthouse liveblogging the lovers and the fighters.



* Couple # 1: Sinjoyla Townsend & Angelisa Young have been waiting 12 years for this, so three hours in line isn’t half bad.

* Couple # 8: Terrence Heath & Richard Imirowicz have seen worse lines—-for the White House Easter Egg Roll.

* Couple #16: Devin Crock & Chris McLaurin are never moving back to Virginia.

* Couple #17: Nichole Beavers & Stephanie Outlaw are young and in love.

* Couple #93: Manni Baez & Travis Romshak admit that this is a “spur of the moment kind of thing.”


* The Happy Couples and the Smiling Bigots, in which the protesters could not be heard through the “woos.”

* The Fred Phelps Counter-Protest In Photos, featuring “Vagina Nom Nom Nom.”

Photo via apdk, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0