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This week was one of the Sexist‘s most-read weeks ever. Thanks for the memories:

1. Rape Analogy: The Walking in a Bad-Neighborhood” Theory, in which fancy analogies will not disguise the fact that you’re blaming the victim.

2. To Avoid Funding Gay Marrieds, Catholic Charities Denies Benefits to All Spouses, in which God goes for the jugular.

3. Rubber Barons: Why Doesn’t Your Boyfriend Know Jack About Contraception?, in which vaginal rings are discovered via penis probe.

4. Would Your Boyfriend Be Pleased By Your Surprise Fetus?, in which your boyfriend is all like, “a baby on the way!” and you’re all like, “abortion appointment.”

5. D.C. Gay Marriage Day: The Happy Couples & The Smiling Bigots, in which even the spawn of Fred Phelps can’t dampen the day.

Photo via the Library of Congress