Readers, I get so many weird e-mails. So far, I’ve just been letting them accumulate in my in-box, never to be read again—-even the ones with the attached shirtless photos. But now, it’s purge time.

Some context for our first Sexist e-mail: Six months ago, I wrote a post called “Women And Gay Men Are Sluts,” which explained how the sexual double standard—-as Jessica Valenti so aptly summarized, “he’s a stud, she’s a slut”—-pretty much goes out the window whengay men are concerned. As I wrote—-six months ago—-when gay men are sexually promiscuous, they’re not considered “studs”—-they’re decried as bad, immoral, evil sluts, just like us girls.

And now, after all this time, a reader has written in to explain the real sexual double standard to me. In short: Forget about gay guys! Are you aware of the great social problem of straight men being denied sex because they are just too nice?

Why yes, I am aware of this. But I digress:

Concerning your article, ‘women and gay men are sluts’,

We as humans don’t respect or value what is handed to us. We only value what we have worked to acheive. That is probably why you don’t feel respected. Nice guys don’t get respected because they are too easy. It’s the same thing. It’s human nature.

It’s not like guys are coming out and disrespecting you, calling you a ‘slut’. It’s probably more that you don’t ‘feel’ respected. Neither nice guys or sluts get respected because they are too easy. And neither get top choice when it comes to a relationship.

The only difference is we actually give sluts what they want, but women don’t give nice guys the sex they want. It’s ok if you want to be promiscuous, you just have to accept that way of life. You won’t get disrespected verbally. Men just won’t want to go out with you, that’s all. It all depends on what you want..

We only respect or put value on what we have worked to achieve. It makes more sense when you think of it that way..