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Last week on the Sexist:

1. Rubber Barons: Why Doesn’t Your Boyfriend Know Jack About Contraception?, in which poppin’ birth control pills like candy won’t stop the babymakin’.

2. Deconstructing Rape Myths: On Short Skirts (On Lesbians), in which women who are into women are harassed by men to switch sexual orientations.

3. Rape Analogy: The Walking In A Bad Neighborhood Theory, in which I write even more about rape, much to the chagrin of those who read this blog in order to complain about how much I write about rape.

4. Internal Affairs: How Ayn Rand’s Followers Rationalize “Welcomed” Rape, in which we delve into the deepest, darkest Objectivist fantasies of your tweens.

5. Sexist E-mails: Women Don’t Give Nice Guys the Sex They Want, in which I get e-mails. Send me one!

Photo via State Library of Queensland, Australia