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A recent Craigslist advertisement for a vacant Mount Pleasant bedroom—-“$770 1 Bedroom in a 6Br, 3 story Bro Palace-America”—-has been making its way around the Internets. The ad, which was posted earlier this month (it’s since been removed), seeks a “bro of epic broportions” to join a couple an unknown quantity of bros who “like to party hard and bang chicks even harder” in taking up residence in this “Temple to Broseidon.”

In honor of my former colleague and housing guru Ruth Samuelson, I thought I’d detail all the possible ways this self-described “brahacracy” could be violating fair housing laws, which require that no roommate-seeker show “a limitation to the ordinary reader.” In other words, broheim can’t reveal a preference based on age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or education level. How does this ad discriminate? Let me count the ways:

Gender: 3,856 Urban Dictionary users agree: The term “bro” refers exclusively to men. Those who don’t qualify as the most bro-y of bros (or “a complete brohemouth”) are instructed to not even proceed in reading the ad:

WARNING: If you are not a complete Brohemouth, do not read this ad. The awesome of this house will make your face melt like Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Sexual orientation: The bro in question must be down to “bang chicks”—-and hard!

The bros in this house like to party hard and bang chicks even harder.

Nationality: The ad expresses distaste for both Russian and Chinese culture:

If you hate China and Russia winning any Olympic medal and shed a bro-tear when Phelps won his 8th gold medal, join the club.

. . . and a preference for American:

RamBros love America.

Age:  While bros of every generation could have “recently banged a chick born in the 90’s,” the ad implies a preference for bros who routinely couple with women of this age group:

Having recently banged a chick born in the 90’s is a plus. If it was doggy and you didn’t call her ever again…BRO-FIVE!

Surely, there must be many more facets of bro discrimination hidden in this bad boy. Submit your finds in the comments.

Photo via JoelZimmer, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0