Since it seems to be body hair week here on the Sexist [Exhibit A, Exhibit B], it must be fate that I happened to catch Train‘s “Hey, Soul Sister” on the radio yesterday—-didn’t immediately switch the radio dial—-and discovered that the song actually includes this lyric: “I’m so obsessed / my heart is bound to beat out my untrimmed chest.”

“My untrimmed chest” is not the only ridiculous lyric in this song, of course: The tortured wordplay begins with “Your lipstick stains / on the front lobe of my left-side brains,” continues through “Hey, soul sister / Ain’t that Mister Mister on the radio,” past that chest hair thing, and onto “So gangster, I’m so thug / You’re the only one I’m dreaming of.”

This song inspired me to do three things:

(a) Lobby for the use of the phrase “my untrimmed labia” in a Top-40 pop song;

(b) Respectfully request that alt-rockers never use the phrase “I’m so thug” again;

(b) Survey male Sexist readers on their grooming habits.

Last week, after the whole Vajazzling conversation blew open, Jill at Feministe asked her readers how they prepare their vaginas (there, I said it!). She received almost 200 comments from (mostly) female readers about how they shave, wax, trim, pluck, and bedazzle—-or don’t—-their pubic areas.

But with all this focus on what us ladies do to get our vaginas closer to the current beauty ideal, I’m left wondering how much time and effort men actually spend managing their own body hair. Train seems to be suggesting that having an “untrimmed chest” is something to boast about these days. So. Fellas. Do you spend time cultivating your untrimmed chest? Shave your pubic hair? Wax your back? Propecia your chest? Have you been pressured by a partner to do so? Do you wish you could trim up, but feel like you’ll be dismissed as overly feminine? Do you feel the need to adopt an aggressively heterosexual posture in order to feel comfortable engaging in the possibly girly realm of personal grooming?