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This week, after a serious bitch session on the topic of replacing female pubic hair with space crystals, I asked the Sexist‘s male readers how they managed their own body hair. You did not disappoint!

How do male Sexist readers’ grooming habits stack up against the ladies’? Your hair maintenance includes plucking your nipple hair, shaping your eyebrows, and Nair-ing your shoulders. But let’s focus on the pubes, shall we?

Surprisingly, none of you have jumped on the Pubazzling bandwagon yet. You’re not even prepped to Pubazzle! No respondents professed to eliminating all of their pubic hair through waxing; the Full Elimination appears to be a pubic beauty standard peculiarly applied to women for the time being (though one reader admits to “depilating my butt about once a month”). Some of you do nothing with your pubic hair. Most trim it. One shaves. Another will never shave again. Take it away, boys:

– “I use clippers to keep my pits & pubes in the .5″-1″ range.”

– “I’ve shaved my pubes once and it itched a lot . . . like A LOT . . . I just cut it when my girlfriend asks.”

– “I trim my pubes down, including the undercarraige. In addition, I shave my shaft and balls bi-weekly, or if I’m expecting a lot of attention in that area.”

– “As for ‘down there’ I usually use scissors to keep it nice and trimmed (no one wants a jungle) and use a razor to keep away the happy trail, so it all looks nice and fairly well groomed on that rare occasion that another person is in the position to see.”

– “I trim my pubic area every month or so. And I do try and remember to always wear my glasses into the shower when I’m going to do that.”

– “I used to trim my pubes, but stopped bothering when I realised that I didn’t much care.”

– “I’d actually really like to try trimming everything down some time, but my current partner is a fan of hair and I have chosen to leave everything intact for her enjoyment.”

– “For many years I’ve used clippers roughly once a week to trim back the hair under my arms. Starting maybe five years ago, every second time I’ve done that I’ve also trimmed back my pubes, plus depilating my butt about once a month. About a year ago — coinciding with getting better clippers — I’ve been trimming everything back.”

– “My current girlfriend of about 2 years was slight[ly] surprised when she recently realized that I don’t trim my pubic hair, but because I don’t enjoy fellatio she’s never down there for it to affect her one way or the other. . . . I’ve thought about keeping my body hair a bit neater, but with no pressure from the people who actually see it, I have no real motivation to do so.”

– “Every few weeks I take a couple bottles of Nair and get rid of back, shoulder, and chest hair, trim my underarm hair, trim my pubes, and trim/pluck my eyebrows slightly. . . . For the record, I think vajazzling is fucking ridiculous.”

Photo via [mosoni], Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0. You know it’s a good shot when someone asks you to join the “Men’s Navels” group.