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It’s time for another round of Sexist E-mails, in which readers explain concepts that could never possibly be understood in any regular comments section. This time: If sexism were racism, women would be the privileged white people, and men would be the oppressed minority group. It’s science. In a two-e-mail set entitled “time to get this cat out of the bag,” our reader writes:

Seriously I think that your blog does more of a disservice to women than a service.

You’re just driving a wedge between men and women. Men are not women, women are not men. We will never see the same things the same way. You think that you are witty and insightful, so did the guys who wrote Beavis and Butthead.

Seriously if you really want to help women, switch to a gender-neutral approach. You recently posted an entry saying that sexual harassment biases women against all men. [“Cat-Calling, Bystander Sexism, and How Sexual Harassment Hurts Men– ed.] Realize that it doesn’t limit women to bias against *MEN*. It often biases them against common sense and logic as well. Not to mention fairness and good judgment.  Your blog has ssentially become a victim-advocacy blog that perpetuates the PTSD that women suffer…from being women. Women who are by nature weaker and less aggressive and more emotional and more in need of social reinforcement then men.

So why keep kicking those triggers?

Do you think that you’re improving the world for women?

You’re not. You’re just bringing them even more pain and suffering as well as forcing them to wallow in it, and in response they are pushing away men on several fronts and making the situation worse. It’s no different than blacks who burn down inner-cities and attack whites on the street in response to white racism. But at least then they’re not fighting against their own brothers and sisters.

You want women to utterly lose respect for men, and men likewise to utterly lose respect for women? Keep it up.

Of course, you would have to be logical and honest to realize this.

Why not try this on for size.

Next time before you actually post something on your blog, change the title to “the racist” and change women to whites and men to blacks. And then read it and see how well it works. Your blog is about as helpful to women as a barrel of nitroglycerin is helpful to a Caribbean cruise.


E-mail number two:

if anything really puts your blog in its place, it’s your “bit” about the female condom [“Sexist Beatdown: ‘So I Was Inserting the Female Condom Into My Vagina’ Edition-ed.]

get a grip on yourself, really…stop reacting to life in ways that make the situation worse instead of better. You don’t like something about life, that doesn’t make it right for you to be a complete cunt about it, anymore than it is right for a guy to be a complete dick about it.

Photo via LSE Library