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Apologies for the scant posting lately, Sexist readers. I’m deep in a forthcoming cover story at the moment, but I’ve still found the time to become depressed by this tragic Craigslist Missed Connection, from a high school grad to her former English teacher. I don’t know what’s sadder: The electronic heart that ends the anonymous missive, or the fact that this girl is still hot for teacher “a few years” out of school. You’re 21! Live in the now!:

You were my High School English Teacher… – w4m – 21 (Manassas)

You were my english teacher at SJHS in Manassas. I was the class of 07′. You’re class was ridiculously hard, but I think its because I spent more time imagining all the amazing things I wanted to do to you when class was over than actually listening to the lesson.

You are extremely intelligent and I found it soooo sexy. Well I’m of age now, and I’ve been done with high school for a few years now so we should catch up a little 🙂

Your name was.. Mr. Pharr