Last month, the Reliable Source unveiled its NCAA-style “Gossip Tournament.” Making the final 32 was Marijuana Policy Project executive director Rob Kampia, who was a gossip force to be reckoned with in 2010. Reports surfaced early this year that several MPP staffers had quit over Kampia’s sexually inappropriate behavior and comments, including taking a subordinate to his home after a work happy hour, inspiring her resignation; instructing his scheduler to make an appointment for himself and “bone-girl”; repeatedly informing a subordinate of his intentions to perform “a breast massage” on another woman; and allegedly telling a subordinate that she would look “hotter with a boob job.”

For this, Kampia has qualified in the tournament’s “HOT STUFF” category, where he faced off with Peter Orszag in what the Reliable Source called “The Player’s Playoff.” Let’s see: On the one hand, we’ve got a politico-about-town who had a child out of wedlock; on the other, a guy accused of driving out large portion of his staff over charges of sexual misconduct in the workplace. Hmm . . . Hot or not?