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This weekend, “America’s officially ranked number 1 pick up artist” Adam Lyons is coming to Washington, D.C., where he will be “teaching the secrets of attraction to 15 dateless men who have each paid $1300.” Here’s my dating secret: Not being one of 15 people who would burn $1,300 on this. But what do I know? I’ve never had “14 simultaneous relationships with models, actresses and other beautiful women.” From the press release:

A former school geek who was voted by his classmates as “least likely to get a girlfriend” when he was 15 has been officially ranked the Number 1 pick up artist (PUA) in America! Even better, Adam Lyons, a published author and international commentator on dating, is in WASHINGTON D.C this weekend.

Adam Lyons was given the award at the official World Pick Up Summit in Hollywood, California at the end of last year. The summit is held every year and brings together the world’s best dating coaches and pick up artists from across the globe. Adam even beat Mystery, the formerly ranked number one PUA, whose exploits were chronicled in the 2005 New York Times bestseller The Game.

At the peak of Adam’s playboy lifestyle he was a renowned club promoter bringing 80-100 girls to clubs each week and having 14 simultaneous relationships with models, actresses and other beautiful women. Adam married his girlfriend, a strong Christian who goes to church every week, in August 2009 after deciding his lifestyle was no longer making him happy.

So, Lyons let down 13 lovely ladies and married his currently-active-Christian wife in August, “after deciding his lifestyle was no longer making him happy.”  He was named the Number 1 Pick-Up Artist in America later that year . . . after denouncing the lifestyle and getting hitched? What kind of World Pick Up Summit is this? According to the Web site, last year’s summit theme was “TRANSITIONING TO SEX!,” and everyone was really excited about it because of its close proximity to shopping. “And guess what???” the Web site reads. “It takes place in the world’s best place to meet the hottest babes!!! The Renaissance Hotel is located in the heart of Hollywood IN A MALL!!!” Is there any better place to transition to sex? If you’re still interested in dropping $1,300, have at it.