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* How to Have Sex in Texas points us to Trojan’s new “HEY LOOK I HAVE A HUGE DICK!” sized condoms. Officially, they’re known as the “Trojan Ecstasy Her Pleasure” condom, and they’re not actually any larger than your standard Trojan, but hoo-boy look at that wrapper!

* Via Metro Weekly: A group of bisexual softball players have sued the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance after the team was declared “notgay” enough, and denied its 2nd place title in the 2008 “Gay Softball World Series.”

* In more sexuality related sports news, Inside Higher Ed reports on the ongoing stigma against lesbians in women’s sports: “in women’s athletics . . . there’s often an undercurrent of homophobia and a sense that female players and coaches need to “prove” they’re straight.”

* The Supreme Court has voted 8-to-1 to strike down a law prohibiting the creation or sale of “dogfight videos and other depictions of animal cruelty.” The law was originally enacted to combat the market for “crush videos,” fetish materials depicting “women inflicting the torture [of small animals] with their bare feet or while wearing high-heeled shoes,” but the broad language allowed prosecution for dogfight and even hunting videos as well. Crush fetishists may not be safe, however: In his opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts suggested that a new law “limited to crush videos and other depictions of extreme animal cruelty” might be more in line with First Amendment exceptions.

* “She didn’t say anything at all”: The Curvature has more from accused rapists who employ rape apology in their defense.

* Favorite comment of the yesterday: “Amanda: Keep on trucking! (Although perhaps not literally, since you would make 76.5% of a male trucker’s wage.)”

Photo via How to Have Sex In Texas