Last week on the Sexist:

1. Denim Day Counts All the Ways We Excuse Sexual Assault, in which sexual assaults against good girls, bad girls, drunk girls, old people, young people, all men, military personnel, prisoners, sex workers, trans women, and all GLBT people are excused away.

2. With Great Cleavage Comes Great Responsibility, in which boobs are slutty.

3. The Morning After: “I Agree With Alex Knepper” Edition, in which there’s a whole lot of resignin’ going on.

4. Why Don’t We Accept Victim-Blaming From Rapists?, in which when a rapist tells his victims to lock their doors, he’s a monster; but when we tell victims the same thing, we are realists.

5. Why You Never See a College Rapist’s Name In a Campus Alert, in which students are warned about rape—-but not rapists.

Photo via George Eastman House