The cataloging of sexual euphemisms in rap songs continues. This time:



DEFINING MOMENT: The video for GS Boys‘ “Stanky Legg,” a single released in 2008, shows several men and women performing the titular dance. The lyrics detail how it’s done:

When I hit the dance floor, you know I’m doin’ the stanky leg.
Southside merengue, then you rub it cross your head.
You an [unintelligible] you can do it too.
Jack your feet up in the air and check your Myspace too.
Now you can lean wit it,
Now you can drop wit it.
You can switch to the other leg and you can stop wit it.

Or as Urban Dictionary explains, it’s a “dance where you stick out your leg and rotate it around.”

UNDERLYING MEANING: Oddly, the GS Boys’ video does not feature any partners performing the stanky leg upon each other, as the colloquial understanding of the term refers to the transference of the scent of a woman’s vagina onto the leg of another. As one Urban Dictionary contributor defines the term:

Once again the young ones are doing something that they do not know what the meaning is, in the past (80’s) when a couple used to dance toghether and the female became aroused the male ended up with a stinky Leg or in some situations when that time of the month ended on the males pants we call that the same, so next time you decide to dance something like this get informed first…Good Dancing.

The sexual connotation didn’t stop “doin’ the stanky leg” from becoming a popular slumber party activity.




Soulja Boy has also done the stanky leg.