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* s.e. smith has an excellent discussion of how the “Smile, Baby” phenomenon intersects with both feminism and disability:

My baby mouth was turned down, exactly like my fourth grade mouth, exactly like my mouth right now. That’s because that’s the neutral position for my mouth. . . . People have hassled me about this for pretty much my entire life and it got worse after I incurred some facial nerve damage. . . . And I’m constantly told to smile. By complete strangers in the street. By ‘friends.’ When I worked in retail, by customers.

* Heartless Doll’s Kiara Kazebee spies a Boy Scouts Merit Badge for gaming, and she wants girls to have one too.

* Rediscover Sassy with Tavi of Style Rookie, who is reading the magazine for the first time. Rejoice at the Hilary Clinton = Courtney Love item. Recoil at the presence of Uggs in a fashion magazine from the early 90s. Take an unnatural interest in Thurston Moore‘s dating advice for tween girls.

* Important announcement: Cara at the Curvature is so fucking good at what she does.

* Susannah Breslin gets the weirdest fan mail. This one ends: “So, to make a long story short… I think you are great as you do get to speak Susannah’s voice out of its silence. Woman… you are the man!!!”

* On Yes Means Yes!, how to bring the BDSM concept of the “safecall” to vanillas.

Photo from Sassy, via iluvrhinestones, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0