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Who says that fucking while feminist is a lost cause? On Ms. Magazine‘s blog, aspiring feminist journalist Alexandra Tweten (22, 5’7″, green eyes) posted a dating ad on Craigslist specifically seeking feminist men. The experiment yielded 68 replies, and only two penis photos!

Tweten is looking for a guy who’s more than just a feminist—-he also must be liberal, between the ages of 20 and 27, and accepting of vegetarian thrift enthusiasts with a musical interest in  Sufjan Stevens. But hey, Tweten is a woman seeing a man on Craigslist! Based on the responses she received, I’m guessing that a lot of respondents read her post selectively, like so: “I’m a Midwest girl who moved out to LA recently to follow my dream of being a (feminist) journalist.”

“I hope you wrote that ad from the kitchen, where you belong,” wrote one guy; “Well, I’m definitely a feminist: I make sure they pay their own way, that they make the first move a fair share of the time, allow them to drive and make a fair share of the plans and decisions, even,” wrote another. My favorite feminist lover has this to say: “I have been conditioned to know ladies are always right and mostly guys are just jerkoffs, i like ladies that share this opinion.” Is it getting hot in here, or is it just a bunch of anonymous dudes sending photos of their penises to a feminist?

Tweten promises that she’ll air some more positive responses to her ad in her next installment. In the meantime, who knew that the trolls who populate the moderated comments sections of feminist blogs are also actively seeking love in the personals section of the Los Angeles area Craigslist? You big lugs.

Photo via SarahDeer, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0