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* The question I never want to see answered: “Will Carrie Bradshaw wear a hijab?

* “Sex addiction”: Bullshit or no?

* The Evil Slut Clique delivers a photo-and-gif retrospective on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 contestant Raven.

* The Daily Beast profiles the five “secret” eating disorders you didn’t know you should be afraid of, from purging-without-binging to binging-without-purging. Lists!

* Hugo Schwyzer instructs teen girls how to dress to prevent creepy old dudes from hitting on them: First, we all have to end “our cultural contempt for women and girls”; then, you can wear what you want!

* Introducing the vulva-print bikini.

* Sexist internal business: Sign up for genitalia-based Google alerts, get a whole lot of nothing interesting:

Photo via the Library of Congress