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Last week on the Sexist, we watched Precious three times, so we can’t possibly be jerks:

1. Could Yeardley Love’s Death Have Been Prevented by UVA Safety Tips?, in which a university responds to a domestic-violence-related murder by telling students to watch out for strangers.

2. De-Friendly Fire: American University Student Makes Facebook Rape Allegation, in which you “liked” it, you really “liked” it.

3. Woman Shot After Refusing Stranger’s Advances: The Harassee’s Dilemma, in which women harassed on the street must choose between being a bitch or a tease.

4. The Morning After: Ex-Gay Christopher Hitchens Edition, in which, yay, people actually read these.

5. Watching Precious Three Times: The Modern Asshole’s Defense, in which a journo declares Gabouray Sidibe “horrible” for not being sufficiently impressed by the fact that she watched Precious three times. In other news, at least this guy is honest that this is really about fat hatred; in the comments, he refuses to admit it’s about gender and race as well.

Photo viaState Library of New South Wales