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* Feminists With Sexual Dysfunction photographs her awesome family collection of antique prophylactics. Among them: Vintage versions of the awesomely bad brand Contempo Condoms, which still employs the following catchphrase: “Unleash the man you truly are and do it YOUR way with the ultra sensual range of lubricated Contempo Condoms.” Perfect for the guy with masculinity issues who is unconcerned with his partner’s pleasure!

* Tiger Beatdown speculates as to the many reasons why you may not love Beyonce:

2. A STRONG BELIEF THAT ROSIE THE RIVETER WOULD NOT WEAR HOT PANTS. It is true: Beyonce does in fact dress as the iconic proto-feminist industrial worker when she has a particularly tough mechanical project to attend to. And she is, in fact, wearing hot pants! However, I think Beyonce’s connection to the history of women in the workplace ought to be applauded. And, for those who take issue with the accuracy of her costume, remember: We only ever saw Rosie the Riveter from the waist up. We don’t know what kind of pants she was wearing. Rosie the Riveter may not have worn pants at all.


* And Sociological Images comments on the subversive twist of Beyonce playing the stereotypical “perfect housewife”:

And that twist is very political.  Consider this: In American politics today, the “perfect” mother is one who does not work and stays home with her children.  Unless she’s poor.  Poor women who want to stay home with their children are called lazy, welfare cheats.  If you’re poor, you can only be a good mother by working.


* Via Sexuality & Society: Jesuit institution Marquette University has withdrawn a job offer to sociologist Jodi O’Brien because the university “found some strongly negative statements about marriage and family” among her works. Marquette said that its decision related to the school’s “Catholic mission and identity.” O’Brien—-who has taught at another Jesuit institution, Seattle University, since 1995—-is an out lesbian who has written extensively on religion and sexuality.

Photo courtesy of K at Feminists with Female Sexual Dysfunction