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* On Tiger Beatdown, things you can learn from a $10 lapdance: The perfect performance of femininity is priceless. And by priceless I mean almost worthless:

Later, as I cried my eyes out on the couch in my apartment and my boyfriend soothed me, I tried to make sense of it. Here was this incredibly beautiful woman, who did everything, everythingthat a woman was supposed to do to make herself appealing to men. She was thin, she was compliant, she was beautiful, she spent probably hours every day shaving and lotioning and applying makeup and picking out clothes and pouring what was surely substantial cashflow into maintaining her appearance. She was, in a word, perfect. And then, this perfect woman would go to work, and rub her impeccably maintained and beautiful body all over any patron, at his or her request, no matter whether she liked the person or not, for TEN FUCKING DOLLARS? I mean, TEN DOLLARS? Less than I would spend on a pair of shoes. Less than I would spend on a motherfucking hamburger.

* The Miss England pageant has discarded its swimsuit competition in favor of in athletic wear. Sexy, revealing athletic wear:

[The current Miss England] said getting rid of the bikini round would prove the contest was about “real women.”

“In a world of size zero models it’s not a particularly good image to give out to girls that you’ve got to be stick thin,” she said. “Having done Miss England two years in a row myself, I met girls who were all dieting and worrying about the bikini round and I just thought it’s not a good image for girls to have, so we should get rid of it.”

So: Because unrealistic standards of beauty are damaging to young women, bikinis will be replaced by short-shorts and sports bras, and pageant waves will make way for cheeky flexing (with a feminine pointed toe). Next up: The cognitive dissonance interview portion.

* This year, Pride goes alternative: alt.dc.pride will be providing a roster of events outside the LGBT mainstream.

* Via Rap Genius, the five most explicit sex scenes in rap history. Songs were graded based on five categories, the most important of which was “wetness.”

* from the Guttmacher Institute’s newest study, on the demographics of women who seek abortions: “Almost half of all women obtaining abortion care live under the federal poverty line.”

Photo via moaksey, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0