Hey, have you all noticed a startling absence of comments comparing feminists to Hitler lately? Here’s what the hell is going on!

So: Over the next couple of months, things will be changing a bit around here in terms of comment moderation. In short, I may be, ahem, curating your comments more thoroughly. Some notes on that:

* The “flag comments” function will still be the first line of defense, so feel free to continue to flag the utterly objectionable nonsense that sprouts like so many weeds in this old comments section of ours.

* As I moderate more, some perfectly acceptable comments may be more likely to get captured by the spam filter. If you think you’ve been wrongly moderated, send me an e-mail and I’ll fish out your comment.

* If you want to make it past the filter, here’s some advice: It’s not so much what you have to say, it’s how you say it, and how many times you say it, over and over and over again in the same comment thread. In other words: I welcome dissenters, but not trolls.

* I hope to have a more comprehensive comments policy soon. In the meantime, if you have found yourself mysteriously banished to my spam filter, it is because I stared into the depth of your soul and determined that it is about time you register for your very own Blogspot.