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Here at the Sexist, we’re always on the lookout for popular songs that don’t condone rape. Finally: Introducing Rap Against Rape, an (I’m guessing) early-90’s group of white dudes that performed their titular activity in order to raise funds for rape crisis centers. But Rap Against Rape’s anti-rape activism is, perhaps, exceeded by its fervor for embodying early 90’s stereotypes; follow along with my checklist as you watch “What Did I Do Wrong”:

Early 90’s White Dude Stereotype Checklist:

___ Mom jeans on a dude

___ Guy channeling Falco

___ Guest lady channeling Cyndi Lauper

___ Backup dancers channeling Boy George

___ T-shirt (tucked in)

___ Mustache (unironic, collect them all!)

___ Mullet (curly)

___ Sunglasses (indoors)

___ Earnestness

___  White socks

___ Halter tops

___ Rented prom fedora

___ White guys clapping

___ “rap”

___ Neon

___ Bad VHS copy

Add a few gold chains and a Golden Labrador Retriever, and that covers pretty much all of the 90’s, no?