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Submitted (mostly) without comment: An e-mail message sent to the Female Science Professor blog:

On a department-wide email list for all post-docs, I received an invitation to an event that was not addressed to me. The email was addressed only to women; it invited women to attend a women’s scientific society dinner held on the university campus. I understood that I was excluded from the event because of my gender.

This email traffic and the event itself are so far into my post-doc one of the only instances where I have felt discriminated against; this certainly isn’t the norm. It would be easy enough for me to ignore this single incident, I suppose, but nonetheless it’s rankled me. To me it seems like an example of a disconnect between the ideals of a discrimination-free workplace and the practices that supposedly further this ideal.

To me, this seems like an example of the disconnect between a dude who has never noticed discrimination in science before and the, oh, two whole hours that his voice won’t be explicitly privileged in the academy. FSP replies: “I wish I could say that my only experience withdiscrimination‘ was not being invited to an event like this.” [Thanks to Geek Feminism Blog for the tip].