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* Sarah Silverman on losing her virginity:

He sat up on the side of the bed to smoke another Merit Light, carefully ridding the end of any excess ash, molding the red tip of it into a constant point. He put out his cigarette and pulled back the sheets to get up, revealing a Rorschach-like pattern of blood. Like a red butterfly stamp, getting lighter and lighter with each imprint.

There was a long moment of silence before I worked up the moxie to say,

“That came out of you.”

“Um. No it didn’t.”

Another long pause, broken by him,

“It’s okay. Just buy me new sheets.”

* The Abortioneers are bored by the whole abortion-is-black-genocide argument:

You know what’s boring? The whole black genocide conspiracy theory. It’s hardly worth talking about, except as a person of color I feel obligated to defend against such ludicrous proselytizing. I don’t understand how blacks, by and large, can support affirmative action on the premise that black folks in this country need a leg up, but are horrified that there are minority funds for abortion care.


* To LGBT or not to LGBT: John Avarois weights in on acronyms:

I think LGBT is a cop out for straight people. Much easier for a politician to laud the LGBT community than the GAY community, because no one outside of the gay community knows what the LGBT community even is. I’ve seen signs at rallies proclaiming something or other about “LGBT”, and I’ll bet everyone at the rally who wasn’t gay was scratching their head. In an effort to be more inclusive, we’ve shoved ourselves back into a sort of linguistic closet.

* How many bags of heroin could you fit inside your vagina?

* Tortoise / shoe sex, EXTREME CLOSE-UP:


Photo via wit, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0