* This weekend, kick off the D.C. Capital Pride festivities with a leather lesson:

”People might think this is corny or not as serious, but providing an educational day on safe play is primary to the weekend as well,” says Michael Sessa, founder of the event and president of The Center. ”A lot of people think it’s funny, cool or kinky to be in the leather community, but they don’t know what the hell they’re doing, and that can be dangerous.”

* Via Violet Blue: Finally, all your erotic pretentious bicycling fantasies have come true: It’s fixed-gear porn.

* I love Lynsey G.’s McSweeney‘s column, “The Conflicted Existence of a Female Porn Reviewer.” Recently:

But ah, there’s the rub, that one little word: good. Alas, despite the prettiness of the sex being had by porn “lesbians,” very little of it looks remotely good to me. As a woman who knows what she wants from sex, it’s easy for me to tell that in most of these scenes, the so-called “lesbians” are not feeling very good at all. Because they’re doing it all wrong! For instance: a little pat down there with one finger wouldn’t get much of a reaction from the women I know, yet these ladies seem to need little else to get them going. Sucking on a fake phallus, as these women so eagerly do in most scenes, would likewise not do much to get most lesbians going: the only exciting thing about giving head (to a man or a woman) is the other person’s response to it—the knowledge that you’re turning that person on. The physical act of fellating is pretty neutral. But these girls sucking on a glass dildo and moaning in ecstasy? No. It makes me roll my eyes and fast forward because it’s neither convincing nor arousing.

* Nerve trolls for sex advice from fans of professional wrestling:

What wrestling moves could you bring into the bedroom?

The Lou Thesz press — which, according to Mick Foley, could just as well be called the “dick to the face” — is a candidate, but you probably have to make sure it’s okay before you bust that one out. Although wrestling often hilariously resembles intercourse, most of the moves are either mundane or “don’t try this at home.”

* Brightest Young Things‘  high-school interns write about their proms. Prom update, for those juuuust a few years out of high school: They still have chocolate fountains there, but now the limos are stretch hummer. Kids these days.

Photo via boothekolt, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0