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Are you a “Smile, Baby” Guy who’s just looking to find everlasting love by telling strangers on the street to alter their emotions for you? You’re in luck! This tactic has officially worked at least once [Thanks to Jess for the tip].

Yesterday, Express Night Out profiled the upcoming nuptials of Arlington residents Wendy Martinez, 27, and Eddy Vulin, 30. How did these two local lovebirds manage to find each other? Oh, Vulin just approached a stranger, grabbed her, and informed her that the way she was expressing her emotions on her face was unacceptable to him. And she was into it! Martinez recalls how it happened:

She was upset and walking through Georgetown. He grabbed her hand. “He said, ‘You are too beautiful to be upset. You look like you need a high-five.’ I gave him an ‘are you kidding me?’ stare yet managed to crack a smile,” and she gave him her number.

But did she give him the high five??

Things proceeded predictably from there. They got lost in Dupont Circle. They dined at Thaiphoon. She calls him “Stinker”; he calls her “Guza.” He proposed. On June 12, they will hold a “Cro-Latin” themed wedding—-a hybrid of their Croatian and Nicaraguan heritages—-in Palm Beach, Fla. Looks like these kids are really going to make it work. Now let us never speak of this again.

Photo via halighali, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0