* Sociological Images takes a ride on the way-back machine to examine the men’s magazines of yore . . . you know, back when men were men. Tip via Jess, who was particularly fond of Battle Cry (above).

* Emily Nagoski asked her readers how often they would get busy in their ideal sex lives—-and instructed them to identify themselves by age and gender.

* Remember that douchey evo-psych take on menstruation from a while back? Elysia, a population and evolutionary geneticist, has written a fucking amazing take-down of it over at Shapely Prose:

Yes, it’s important to realize that cultural constructs influence the way biological events are experienced and recalled.  It’s important to link biological and cultural evolution, and to remember that we humans are animals.  And as a male ape, you are well within your rights to wonder how female apes differ from you; just please remember while you call elderly women apes that you are one, yourself.  More importantly, it’s great for you as a human man to want to understand the human woman’s experience, and I encourage you to reframe your language to make it clear that you understand that distinction. Because your personal discomfort with my menstruation – or my feminism – does not a sound scientific discussion make, and dismissing my humanity when you examine my biology ill befits a doctor of psychology.

* How to Have Sex in Texas on the possibilities for abortion via teleconference in her home state.

* From Austin to A&M beats down slut-shaming in Texas A&M’s college paper.

* The Abortioneers on the new anti-abortion ads being targeted at black women in Georgia. First, they read “BLACK BABIES ARE AN ENDANGERED SPECIES.” Now, it’s “BLACK AND UNWANTED”:

You know, “Black and Unwanted” is the kind of slogan that should accompany a campaign against employment discrimination, or racially-biased adoption practices. Do these valiant anti-racist crusaders really want to waste a good catchphrase on fallacious insinuations that black women have abortions because they don’t want their children to be black? The claim is absurd.