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* Via Sociological Images, a recent Marie Claire fashion shoot declares that “nude is the new black.” Except that by “nude,” they mean “the color white people are.” White people are the new black. It’s science.

* s.e. smith on rethinking the ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood:

The ban is not a deferral period, as is the case for most things that exclude people from donation. It is a lifetime ban. If you are a man who  has had sex with a man since 1977, you are not allowed to donate blood in the United States. Period. End of discussion.

Meanwhile, if you are a heterosexual man who has had sex with a woman whom you know to be HIV positive, there’s a year waiting period on blood donation.

Let me reiterate this: The FDA has determined that a year waiting period to eliminate any possible concerns is enough if you have been exposed to a known risk factor for HIV infection and you are heterosexual. Meanwhile, if you are a gay or bisexual man, you are banned from donation for life unless you haven’t had sex with a man since 1977. Regardless of risk factors. Only had one monogamous partner since 1977, and you’ve both been tested? Banned. Only had protected sex since 1977? Banned. Get regular HIV tests that are always negative, and been tested since the last possible window period? Banned.

* Thomas at Yes Means Yes on labeling sexuality: “Does that make me queer?

* On Shakesville, is “the end of men” really the end of male privilege?

Hanna Rosin’s piece in The Atlantic is titled “The End of Men,” but a more accurate title might be “The End of Male Privilege.”

Well, it would be a more accurate title if she’d ever managed to tease out the idea that struck me as a glaring omission from the piece: Privileged men’s achievement gap, and the associated atrophy born of the observable resistance, or inflexibility, to make quick course corrections, is the inevitable result of a culture that continues to sell privileged men a patriarchal narrative of birthright entitlement, despite the fact that it is nothing but an empty promise of an illusory bounty in which most men will never share.

Simply: American culture continues to promise straight, white, cis, able-bodied men success and supremacy, in exchange for nothing but their being straight, white, cis, and able-bodied. But that shit just ain’t enough anymore.

Photo via the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest